Patch for earlier toolbox versions (not need for versions 3.4 and above)

If you acquired the official Rosetta 3.4 release from you have to apply this patch to be compatible with Ver1.0 of the CS-Rosetta Toolbox.
If you have obtained one of the weekly releases of Rosetta (most common) there is no need to apply a patch.

For detailed instructions look at Install ROSETTA software package. In short

$ cd $HOME/rosetta
$ ls -1 
$ patch -p1 < ~Downloads/patch_rosetta3.4_to_CSROSETTA3_VER_1.0.txt

Attention: If you update to a new version of patch you have to first reverse the previously installed patch. Thus it is advisable to keep the
last installed patch file.

$ cd $HOME/rosetta
$ patch -p1 -R <  ~Downloads/patch_rosetta3.4_to_CSROSETTA3_VER_1.0.txt
$ patch -p1 <  ~Downloads/patch_rosetta3.4_to_CSROSETTA3_VER_1.1.txt

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