renumber residues in chemical shift file

Usage: [-h] [-s START] [-e END]
[-fasta FASTA | -rigid RIGID] [-traceback]
infile [outfile]

Detailed Help:

outfile chemical shift file
infile chemical shift file
-h, --help show this help message and exit
-s START, --start START starting residue
-e END, --end END ending residue
-fasta FASTA figure out trimming from given sequence
-rigid RIGID use first and last rigid residue from .rigid file as written by pred2rigid
-traceback print full traceback in case of error


( -s 5 -e 76

keep residue 5 to 76, start counting in output at 1

( -fasta target.trim.fasta >

figure out correct trimming from target.trim.fasta, trim output, start counting at 1 for output file