Installation of CS-Rosetta toolbox

Usage: [-h] [-notalos] [-nopicking] [-update] [-nocheck]
[-talos_dir TALOS_DIR] [-rosetta ROSETTA]
[-rosetta_database ROSETTA_DATABASE] [-blast BLAST]
[-vall VALL] [-platform {linux,mac}] [-build {default,mpi}]
[-genomes_db GENOMES_DB] [-blast_platform BLAST_PLATFORM]
[-target_lib TARGET_LIB] [-talos_version TALOS_VERSION]

Detailed Help:

-h, --help show this help message and exit
-notalos do not download NMRPipe (TALOS+) package
-nopicking suppress installation of frag-picker, this takes a lot of space and is maybe not required (e.g., Laptop/Desktop installation vs. Mainframe installation)
-update update genome and vall databases if updates available
-nocheck do not check for availability of updates for genome and vall databases
-talos_dir TALOS_DIR where to find an existing TALOS+ installation, use this if autodetection fails
-rosetta ROSETTA path to an existing ROSETTA package
-rosetta_database ROSETTA_DATABASE path to rosetta_database (only needed if not in same location as rosetta_source
-blast BLAST specify path to pre-installed BLAST executable. If not given BLAST will be downloaded automatically
-vall VALL specify path to pre-installed CS-Rosetta VALL
-platform {linux,mac} specify the platform [linux,mac]
-build {default,mpi} specify which executables from Rosetta to use [default,mpi]
-genomes_db GENOMES_DB provide path to genome database, expect to find files, nr.00.phi, etc. at this location
-blast_platform BLAST_PLATFORM platform string to select appropriate blast executable when downloading
-target_lib TARGET_LIB generate target entries at this path, if not absolute path this will be prefixed with $HOME
-talos_version TALOS_VERSION force talos version (give the year: e.g., 2012 )