Structure annotation for rasrec and abrelax

For structure annotation, we have to run annotate_target and it shows us weak/strong of the structures. This tutorial explaints how to annotate structures calculated by abrelax or rasrec algorthm.

1. List of Input Files

the inputs for this tutorial are the following files:

-type algorithm type for structure calculation, it should be abrelax or rasrec.
-pred the file generated by talos+, it contains the cs-consensus of the target.
-run_folder directory of the job.
-bin directory of Rosetta bin
-platform type of computer platform, e.g. linux, macos, etc.
-comp type of C++ compiler
-extras type of Rosetta command, e.g. default, mpi, static, etc.
-j number of processors used for mpi

2. Command example

annotate_target -type abrelax -pred /home/userA/talos/3cwi/ -run_folder /home/userA/rasrec/3cwi/standard/run/ -bin /home/userA/rosetta/rosetta_source/bin/ -platform linux -comp gcc -extras mpi -j 10

3. Output

The command firstly outputs the values of cs-consensus, convergence and energy gap of the structure and then the annotation result, like:

        cs-consensus          convergence           energy gap                  sum           annotation
               0.969                0.711                0.974                0.850               strong