Install CS-Rosetta Toolbox

2.0 Dependencies

The CS-Rosetta toolbox requires Python 2.7. The Python executable should be named python2.7.

2.1 Download

The CS-Rosetta toolbox is available under Downloads.

Install ROSETTA software package

1.1 Download ROSETTA

The core-routines of the CS-Rosetta algorithms are implemented and released with the ROSETTA software suite.
To download ROSETTA you have to acquire a license which is free for academic users. Go here to get your license.
The user-credentials you obtained after acquiring the license will allow you to download from here:
Rosetta Download: Academic User Login

Installation Guide

Athough CS-Rosetta requires several components, installation is very simple as most dependencies are taken care of automatically by the installation script.
You have to acquire the ROSETTA software package (next page) and CS-Rosetta Toolbox is available under Downloads.

An overview of the CS-Rosetta components:

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