iterative Rosetta protocol that combines abrelax, beta-strand jumping and resampling techniques

Structure annotation for rasrec and abrelax

For structure annotation, we have to run annotate_target and it shows us weak/strong of the structures. This tutorial explaints how to annotate structures calculated by

Calculations with Restraints

This tutorial explains how to add restraints from RDC and NOE data to your


This tutorial shows how to run RASREC CS-Rosetta calculations as published in References [1][2] and [3] but without any additional restraints than backbone chemical shift data.

Fragment Picking with Chemical Shift Data

1. Preparation of Input Files:

RASREC Rosetta

This chapter describes the RASREC protocol as described in Refs. [1][2].

Loop Closing

Loop Closing is related to, but not identical with, Loop Modeling protocols. Loop Closing is dedicated to close a non-physical


Relax is the main protocol for simple all-atom refinement of structures in the ROSETTA force-field. Relax does not do extensive refinement and only searches the local conformational space around the starting structure.

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