Download and Installation

1. Get the academic license for Rosetta at
2. Immediately, you will get the download link from Rosetta Commons by email.

3 Steps to a CS-Rosetta structure

Running CS-Rosetta is made simple by using the provided automatic setup tools from the CS-Rosetta Toolbox. Standard settings are provided and give good results in a broad range of cases.

What is CS-Rosetta

To date, interpretation of isotropic chemical shifts in structural terms is largely based on empirical correlations gained from the mining of protein chemical shifts deposited in the BMRB, in conjunction with the known corresponding 3D structures. Chemical-Shift-ROSETTA (CS-ROSETTA) is a robust protocol to exploit this relation for de novo protein structure generation, using as input parameters the 13CA, 13CB, 13C', 15N, 1HA and 1HN NMR chemical shifts. These shifts are generally available at the early stage of the traditional NMR structure determination procedure, prior to the collection and analysis of structural restraints. CS-ROSETTA utilizes chemical shift based selection of protein backbone fragments from high-resolution structures the PDB, in conjunction with Rosetta structure calculation.

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