The main simulation engine of ROSETTA

Calculations with Restraints

This tutorial explains how to add restraints from RDC and NOE data to your

Standard CS-Rosetta

This tutorial shows how to run the standard CS-Rosetta protocol from Ref. [1] with the setup tools from the CS-Rosetta toolbox. This tutorial explains how to set up a basic calculation from backbone chemical shift data only.


This tutorial shows how to run RASREC CS-Rosetta calculations as published in References [1][2] and [3] but without any additional restraints than backbone chemical shift data.

Flags (Abinitio)

An application that uses the abinitio protocol and is, for example, started in the directory rosetta_demos/abinitio/ would read-out the following flags:

AutoNOE Rosetta

This chapter describes the AutoNOE protocol [1]. AutoNOE is a combined automated NOE assignment and structure determination approach.

Loop Closing

Loop Closing is related to, but not identical with, Loop Modeling protocols. Loop Closing is dedicated to close a non-physical

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